Providing environmental protections that maintain operational efficiency through constant access to improvements and emerging technology.

Our extensive HSE oriented rental fleet consists of new and up-to-date equipment. We manage everything from liquid to stone and gravel. The product range also includes unique solutions designed to make the impossible possible.

One step ahead

A wide range of solutions for environmental protection and emission control are offered, and to meet the evolving marked, OTT make sure to expand the number of products accordingly.

Full circle solutions

We develop seamless solutions and take responsibility - from handling the waste onboard the platform to effective bulk transfer from the rig - including final onshore treatment of any type of drilling waste.

Easy to install. Easy to operate. High capacity

All certification of specifications is done in accordance with NORSOK requirements and all products are based on BAT - Best Available Techniques.

Offshore and onshore

The OTT systems and techniques are reliable and sustain improvement and efficiency of drilling operations. We are doing R&D on a regular basis to upgrade operating systems and technologies to meet the customers need in the best possible way. Most of our key equipment is patented accordingly.